best term life insurance quotes

THIS VIDEO ABOUT OF best term life insurance quotes.The phrase “life insurance” can make even the most mature, financially responsible adults squirm. I know I didn’t feel jazzed searching for the best life insurance company. It doesn’t just remind me of my own mortality; it also has a reputation for being complicated — not the most charming combo, or the most compelling way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

But I tackled figuring it out and it ended up being more manageable than I thought: All my top picks offer unshakable financial strength, a couple of key policy provisions, and enough options to let you personalize your coverage for your unique situation. That said, you’ll need to get quotes to help figure out who you’ll end up buying a policy from — every provider has different risk factors and different premiums, and the one with the best rates for me won’t necessarily have the best rates for you. After talking to experts, reading up on the industry, and scrutinizing policy details like term life insurance rates, it turned out that only six of the 67 offered all the features I’d want in a provider.

That said, I only included companies in my search that don’t have special membership requirements. There are plenty of excellent regional insurers, as well as great membership carriers like USAA, and if you’re eligible for those, you should get quotes from them too.

Last caveat: I didn’t factor in premium amounts. Of course, cheap life insurance seems better, but it’s only actually better if you have the coverage you need. Also, even if you and I both purchased the exact same policy from the same insurer, it’s unlikely we’d pay the same premiums, since there’s so much person-specific data that goes into determining those amounts. It’s impossible to evaluate a provider on their premiums alone — you’ve got to get quotes.

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