Globe Life Insurance – My Review – Globe Life Insurance Review

My name is David Duford, owner and operator of Today’s video is a discussion and review of what’s called Globe life insurance.

Now you may have heard of Globe through all their advertisements they do through the mail, through the newspaper, and possibly even on TV. What they sell in many circumstances is not what the person buying actually wants. What I’m going to do in this video is describe what Globe products do so you can be prepared for them and be informed by them. Then also inform you about options if you don’t feel that Globe’s offer is really the best for you and your family.

First of all, Globe offers as its lead flagship product what’s called term insurance. The simplest way to remember what term insurance means is that it terminates. Yes, that’s right. When you buy a Globe plan, it typically terminates, usually between the ages of 80 and 90. It just depends on what it is that they’re selling. On top of that, being a terminating product, the price goes up. What starts off cheap, goes up every three to five years, usually on the zeros and fives:60, 65, 70, 75, and so on.

You have two problems with this particular plan. One, it can become unaffordable when you most need it, as you get older, and number two, you could actually feasibly outlive this product. Why is that a problem? Number one, we don’t know when we’re going to pass away, right? It is out of our knowledge. It is something which we have no idea when it is going to occur. Therefore, there is inherent uncertainty when we will pass. Why would we want a plan that may not be there when we need it?

As a life insurance agent, I recommend whole life insurance for situations like this when you need a guarantee of a death benefit paying. Moreover, when you need a guarantee of the premium being the same the rest of your life. That’s what I offer at If you’re looking for a plan that’s going to pay a guaranteed death benefit at a guaranteed price that you don’t have to worry about price increases or ever outliving, then you need to check out what I have to offer. I’m a broker, meaning I represent multiple companies, shop them around to try to get you the best price at the best coverage.

If you would do this step next, I can help you out to get you something hopefully that will be more in line with what it is that you’re looking for in your life insurance needs. Check out my website. It’s Once you’re there, either call the number listed or go to the contact page and fill out an informational request. That way we can correspond whatever you feel works best for you. I’ll give you a no-obligation quote. If you like what I say, great. If not, definitely won’t harass you. I’ll leave you be.

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