What Type Of Life Insurance Should I Buy?

Shopping for life insurance? Not sure which kind to buy? By watching this video, you will learn which Life Insurance coverage option is the right choice for you and your family’s protection.
Learn valuable information, such as:
What is Term life Insurance and the benefits of higher coverage at a lower cost?
What is Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL) and the benefits of coverage for the rest of your life?
How do Term and Universal Life Insurance provide income and financial protection?
Can you have a combination of both term and GUL insurance?

Term life insurance is an effective way to get the most coverage at the lowest cost for up to 30 years. It offers higher coverage more affordably when the need for protection often is greatest. Term insurance provides income protection for your family should you no longer be around to take care of them. It is also ideal for covering specific needs that will disappear in time, such as a mortgage, college education or retirement funding. Term life insurance is the most cost effective way of insuring your family’s standard of living.

Guaranteed Universal Life insurance, also known as GUL, is designed to provide life insurance coverage to age 100 or older. When you need life insurance for the rest of your life, a GUL product can help. Uses for GUL include: Income replacement for dependents, charitable gifting, estate planning, and final expenses.

Some people find they need a combination of both term and GUL insurance. Neither term, nor guaranteed universal life insurance provides a cash value benefit.

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